To Be Seen in Green!

Our favorite color right now is green—all shades, but especially sage. Green is such an eye-catching color on every skin tone. As we know, fashion and trends repeat themselves. With the fashion trends of the 70’s tumbling back in, both vibrant patterns and muted colors will be all the rage this season. We’ve seen sage green paired with browns, golden yellows, teals, and shades of orange. Now we aren’t saying you have to look like the old 70’s living room to be on trend with this color this season, but if you can pull that look off... 1. More power to you! 2. We’re jealous. 3. Teach us your ways!

For those who don’t feel comfortable wearing a lot of patterns or colors at once, you can still pull off green! 

In fact, sage green is the perfect color for those who want to stay on trend, but don’t want to wear the super vibrant colors. Imagine a pop of sage, light wash jeans, neutral bag, and a nude heel. Simple, but cute. Right? Mix and match green with a statement handbag, big shades, printed or solid hijab and you have a fire outfit! In fashion there is room for the vibrant and the muted. 

Whether green is worn as the center of the outfit or as a compliment piece in the background--you can NOT go wrong with this color! A beautiful color. A versatile color. Both a statement and a background player, green is one of our favorites this season!

With fun fashion & with love,

-Sarae Boutique